Thursday, August 18, 2005

Black Butterfly Tees

We came across several more Black Butterfly t-shirts.
The illustration is by Anthony Burks and the poem is by JohnDre Jennings a.k.a Black Butterfly
Please contact me if you are interested. It is printed on oatmeal colored XL ladies Beefy Tee. See the poem that is feature on the back.

Through Her Eyes She
Coordinates Excellence
Nature & Beauty Are One
She Sees Everything And Is
The Replication Of Perfection
She Does Not Need Those
Two Eyes Cause She Sees
Through the All Seeing Eye
While Nature is Born
You Take Me Through Many
Evolutions Asking Me To Be
Peaceful You And I Are One
So I Say


Brandi said...
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Brandi said...

That is a cool poem. I want to get one. I will e-mail you tonight to get all the particulars.

Brandi said...

I meant I wanted to get another one. I must have ADD. Check your mail.

Angela Redman said...

Trina let me know how much and i'll let you know how many.

dizeimage said...

Thank you. I forwarded the info to you.

brandi said...

SO how is the t-shirt sale going?