Monday, October 10, 2016

Going to Spellman

So it's that time again for me. My now 30th reunion at my alma mater Cardinal Spellman.  To avoid tapping into household funds, I want to creatively raise the capital through fundraising through art. The goal is to raise the money for the  trip. 

This event is probably the most important event to me than any other.

 There will be four options. 
It will include your shipping cost in the price. 

Soul Much More From Scratch Cookbook

The Mighty 9
Our Journey to Success
featuring 3 Spellman alumni

Rooted Ground 
by Anthony Burks Sr

Brand New
by Diz-E Image
 custom drawing on each

Order your art.


Any additional funds received will be donated to the Dorina Dilullo Scholarship for Cardinal Spellman HS in the Bronx.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Meeting Cory

This is was definitely worth waiting for my food. It's not about politics for me. This man sincerely cares about his City Of Newark and his state of NJ. 

There aren't too many individuals who aren't close friends or family that I will go out of my way to see. Let alone in politics. In fact after Prince's death, the list got much smaller. But this gentleman is a class act. He doesn't serve my city or my state. But he visiting my little neighborhood in Northwood, it was worth having breakfast with a crowd of people just to meet him in person.

Cory Booker is a class act.